The EFS or Euro-Finanz-Service AG (EFS AG) is a financial services company with over 40 years of experience. The company was founded in Mainz in 1996 and successfully expanded to Austria in April 2002. This successful expansion was underlined by the opening of the company in Hungary (2011).

Every year the company is having an opening gala and requires new designs for invitations, menues and several other print products.
After getting femiliarized with the website and corporate identity of the client, I came up with some design proposals, displayed on the left side. Since blue is the main color of the company and used throughout the years for the gala, I continued this approach.
For this year though the board decided to change the color scheme, since it was 2020, and I presented them various new ideas. After the deceisions regarding the colors and design were made, I finished the layout and assigned it to all the required products. You can see the front and back pages of the invitation and the menue on the right side.