Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a senior art director with a vast set of skills and experience.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

I am a senior art director with a vast set of skills and experience.


Developing marketing concepts, strategies and campaings by using visual aids, claims and budget plans.


Design and layout of digital products like social media posts and videos or print products like brochures, posters and cards.


Modelling and rendering of concepts or products. From rough visualizations up to photorealistic models and animated scenes.


Design and development of industrial products like furniture, electronics and almost everything that has the need for an aesthetic value.

From 2D sketches and print products up to 3D scenes and animations.

We all live in this world, where dimensions shape our surroundings,
giving us the possibility to design it ourselves.

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Things you might want to know



Andreas Keller

31.03.1990, Trier (Germany)




Bachelor of arts


German – Native language
Russian  – Second language
English  – Fluent




Senior art director

Regulary used Software

Over the years I have learned, used and mastered various programs. The most current ones are displayed on the graphic sheet, which is also the software I used to create the content of this portfolio and the website itself. If some or all of the icons are not recognized, their full names are listed below.

PS -> Adobe Photoshop

AI  -> Adobe Illustrator

ID  -> Adobe InDesign

PR -> Adobe Premiere

AE -> Adobe After effects

Blender -> Free to use, open source 3D software

M -> Autodesk MAYA

WACOM -> Digital Sketching/Painting

WordPress -> Web design 

Office -> Microsoft Office tool

If it comes to new tools and programs, learning to use them has always seem rather easy to me. Since the internet offers a wide range of free or very affordable tutorials I prefer to learn almost everything autodidactically. Programs I briefly used in the past are : 3DS Max, VRed, Alies Automotive, Zbrush and Cinema 4D.


Design and Layout (2D/3D)

Retouching / Image editing

Corporate design

Creating print / production data

3D modelling / Rendering

Web design (WordPress)

Concept- / product visualization

Photography / Postproduction

Video cut / Video editing

Fields I have worked in before, or currently am working in.

Art Direction

Concepts, Advertising, Campaigns, Design

Industrial design

Bachelor of arts (Industrial design)

Concept art

Internship concept art (6 months)
at Envision Entertainment
1 Year of freelancing



Internship photography (6 months)
at Sergej Falk Photography


If you are interested in seeing work samples of fields, that are not included in the portfolio (concept art), you can contact me.

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